Why Sip?

Because you deserve to sip on real handcrafted tea made from fresh, pure, and simple ingredients without the heaviness of artificial powders and creamers.

Matcha has a long, rich history in both Japanese and Chinese culture and is traditionally prepared hot. Buuut, us modern folk have fallen head over heels for the distinctive taste and the added health benefits and we’ve decided we like it any and every way! We source our matcha straight from Japan where we've personally vetted the tea farms to ensure that we only serve high quality ethically sourced matcha. Our matcha is ground in traditional stone mills to produce a fine green powder made purely from matcha tea leaves. When you take a sip of matcha, you're actually ingesting the whole leaf which has amazing health benefits.

For our classic teas, we use loose leaf teas instead of tea bags or artificial powdered tea. By using loose leaf tea, the leaves are able to expand to their full flavor and aroma potential. Our loose leaf teas are brewed traditionally in small batches daily. We're going back to basics with our teas using tea from all over the world including Taiwan, China, Japan, and India. 

As for our milks, we use the real stuff and no non-dairy creamers or milk powders! We serve our drinks with fresh dairy, which comes from humanely raised cows from local farms. If you want a dairy substitute, we got you- we serve soy milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. Many people have asked us why we don't serve almond milk. Here's why- almond milk may be healthy for your body, but is actually very unhealthy for the environment as it takes 920 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of almond milk. Eek! At Sip, we strive to take care of our earth while we take care of our bodies.

If you like your tea sweet, you'll be happy to know that we don't use high-fructose corn syrup in our teas. Our white simple syrup and brown simple syrup are both hand crafted. We even offer our syrups at the pick-up counter if you want to customize your own sweetness.

When you sip our tea, you'll notice it's light, subtle, and fresh made from quality simple ingredients without the overbearing sweetness of high-fructose corn syrup or the heavy creaminess of artificial creamers.

Come on in for a sip, you'll taste the difference!